Nuns N Moses – The Greatest GNR Cover Band In San Diego


What makes a truly kick ass cover band? A truly great cover band doesn’t just copy the original artist’s music, dress and attitude, they capture the spirit that made the original band great and use it to make something original. I know what a lot of readers are thinking right now. An original cover band is an oxymoron. Well not exactly. Just like any other aspect of art, a great cover band needs some originality or they will quite simply bore their audience. Nowhere is originality providing the spark for a truly great cover band than Nuns N Moses.
Nuns N Moses is San Diego’s premier Guns N Roses tribute band. They shred through all the GNR classics. Their lead singer, Shamini Jain, can effortlessly tear through Axel Rose vocals while hardly straining her voice. The lead guitar player wails through some solos better than slash himself. The drummer pounds the kit out with a ferocious precision and the rhythm guitar chugs along like a punk rock commuter train.
There is something different about this tribute band though. They call themselves Nuns N Moses for a reason. The band all arrive on stage in full habits like a rag tag motely crue of partied out nuns. The Catholic cacophony of the band is counter balanced by the lead singer Shamani, AKA Shaxle Moses. Shaxle with his long beard and robes looks like Old Testament, East Indian punk rock powerhouse.  Shaxle sees fit to tongue and cheek preach to the crowd about the necessity of carrying fully loaded fire arms before launching into GNRs Civil War. Nuns N Moses aren’t copying GNR, they are using them for inspiration to take the music and the stage show to the next level.
The last time I saw Nuns N Moses take over a bar in down town San Diego, I thought to myself how Axle Rose likely would be impressed by their audacity and the quality of their musical performance. A great way to appreciate the quality of a Nuns N Moses show is to bring a friend who’s not a Guns N Roses fan. Watching your friend get won over by the band is a highlight at any show.
So what does Shaxle Moses have to teach the world?  While Shaxle does have her own Ten Commandments tablets that she brings out to counsel the audience on the wages of sin, she just may have a higher agenda. When not personifying Shaxle Moses, Shamini is a clinical researcher in Psychology with a doctorate from the University of California San Diego. Interwoven in her satirical tirades one can see that she has another agenda. Shaxle wants to see a world of equality where people endeavor to heal one another and expand their capacities for compassion. What better way to sneak that message into the hearts and minds of an unsuspecting audience than to masquerade as one of the most self-destructive rock bands of all time while delivering the message? 
Whether you are done with Nuns N Moses covert agenda to make the world a better place, or you simply want to rock your face off to some of the best rock n roll music of all time, Nuns N Moses will rock your world.